Chris Williamson

VP Sales and Marketing, Partner

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Chris Williamson joined MTW in January 2012 and is currently the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He oversees sales and marketing and contributes to forecasting for the MTW brand.

Chris works daily on the sales of the company, oversees the operations of the sales team, and travels to see our clients to fulfill their needs in the outside sales market. He works closely with our engineering team and vendors on product development ideas. He is always researching new ways to ensure that our customers’ needs are met and have the products that best suit their companies’ needs.

Chris was first introduced to the industry when he was appointed the Field Operations Manager of an RBC Company, where he eventually became the Operations Manager. He moved to Florida from Indiana where he was Vice President of a large manufacturing company before he started working in the sub-metering industry. He worked in the manufacturing industry for over 15 years. The main clients he worked with were large auto manufacturers and military contracts.