Our Services

Besides our exceptional inventory and a team committed to customer service, MTW offers a few ways to save you time and money out in the field by offering the pre-programming of your NextCentury transceivers or our indoor “WRAP AND STRAP”TM package.

Without actually “pairing” the transceiver to a utility meter, MTW can still program your Next Century transceivers on your behalf, uploading the information you provide, and label everything accordingly prior to shipment (note that this does not include the clip).

Or you can take advantage of MTW’s “WRAP AND STRAP”TM package which integrates the indoor NextCentury transceiver serial number with its associated utility meter. Basically, we put the electronics and the meter together with programming, providing you with a turnkey solution.
For more information and additional photos, follow this link: MTW “Wrap and Strap”

Contact MTW for additional information on either of these services!