Master Meter Flexible Axis Meter FAM 3/4″

Part Number: FAMPOLY

MasterMeter Poly FAM, 1 pulse / 10 gallons

Ideal for residential applications, these accurate and quiet operating meters, fit challenging inside sets — under counters, between studs, along pipes run against walls.

  • 360° angle installation flexibility
  • Fits tight inside space challenges
  • Flushing or testing plug eliminates need for jumper tubes
  • Sustained accuracy for maximum revenue over time
  • Engineered for efficient flow patterns with minimal head loss
  • Quiet operation ideal for inside residential use
  • Meets all applicable AWWA standards; Optional NSF 61 certification
  • AMR/AMI capable

With optional integrated register:

  • Rich 4,000 Read Data Logging capabilities (scalable / customer defined resolution)
  • Revenue Impact Alerts – Leak, tamper, theft (backflow), and zero consumption
  • Deploy District Metering Areas or Zones (DMA/DMZ) Advanced Infrastructure Leak Management Programs
  • Supports Conservation Program Enforcement