Part Number: MTW G4

MTW G4 Gas Meter, 211 CFH

For use in submetering applications where compact size and pulse output are desired. The MTW G4 gas meter is designed for environments where temperature compensation is not required. The meter incorporates Sprague #1A top connections to allow industry-standard swivels to be installed thus negating the need for plumbers to “field design” a union system. This straight mechanical thread configuration is standard for all municipal meters as it allows the swivels to seal on a flat washer rather than relying on pipe dope and tapered NPT threads.

  • Features
    • Pulse output (1 / cu ft)
    • Sealed register for tamper resistance
    • Compact design
    • Low noise
    • Stamped steel case
    • Sprague #1A connections, not tapered NPT
  • Specifications
    • Flows from 1.4ft3/hr to 211 ft3/hr
    • Working temperature range: 4°F to 122°F
    • Pulse output 12VDC max @ 10mA
    • 7.5 psi max operating pressure
    • 0.04 cu ft cyclic volume