MTW Supports Elves for Elders

The Elves for Elders program is a community effort to connect gift givers (elves) to less fortunate seniors (elders). The goal is to provide gifts for seniors who might otherwise be forgotten during the holidays.

The Elves for Elders® Drive is to  benefit the individuals served by Aging Solutions.  One hundred percent (100%) of all donations received will go directly to services and needs of our wards. Our Ward’s Trust Account  is used throughout the year to pay for the wards’ needs and unexpected expenses such as dental work, prescription co-pays, eye glasses, hearing aids and any other non covered service under Medicare and Medicaid.  We are hoping for the generosity of others (YOU) to help satisfy these request.   

The process to participate is simple.  Please select the  link which will lead you to the individualized wish list, or purchase a gift card, or make a cash donation, or do all three! Then call 1-866-244-2764 for instructions as to where to drop off your generous gift.  Also, if you would like to print some “wish lists” they are all uploaded on our website,

We are hoping that many will open their hearts to these wonderful but often forgotten people.  With your help we can make this a truly joyous holiday season for them.